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Was my friend wrong in not telling me about her calling my husband?

Was my husband wrong in not telling me about it even though he knew I probably wouldn’t understand at the time?

Country music is all about love, heartbreak, extreme happiness, and extreme sorrow.

This ability to so accurately portray the human condition is one of the reasons Country music is one of the most genres on the planet.

Mac and his wife Lise are still going strong, making numerous award show appearances together, and still looking as happy as they did on they day they got married.There is no concept of courtship in Islam as it is practiced in the West.There is no dating or living in de facto relationship or trying each other out before committing to each other.DATINGOne of our current scholars told us, “Dating prepares us – NOT for marriage, but for DIVORCE.Its been really hard to deal with for the last 3 months.

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