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Posted in Class Action Trends, Colorado Civil Procedure, Colorado Class Action News, tagged CAFA, class action statistics, colorado class action, colorado class action filings, colorado class action statistics, colorado class action trends, removal on October 15, 2010| 2 Comments » I must have more readers than I thought, and some quality readers at that!Andrew Oh-Willeke, Denver lawyer and author of the blog Wash Park Prophet, posted this question as a comment to one of my recent posts, and it seemed like a great topic deserving of its own post: Do you know of any statistics on how many class action lawsuits are filed in state courts in Colorado?Moreover, the data also doesn’t provide any qualitative information about the cases included in the statistics.A pro se filing that uses the words “class action” in the civil cover sheet description would be treated the same as a real class action filed by a reputable firm.

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That analysis could be done using the CNS data because CNS tracks removals, but it would be fairly time consuming.

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In fact, the year with the highest percentage of state court filings is 2010, in which 43% of the total class actions have been filed in state court.

These statistics have to be taken with some huge grains of salt.

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