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According to testimony provided to the 9-11 Commission, the tower fell in 10 seconds. So the towers fell within 0.8-4.8 seconds of freefall in a vacuum. Let's assume there are two identical Honda Civics on the freeway. The first Honda will then instantaneously be going much faster than it was, and the second will instantaneously be going much slower than it was.Just like WTC7, this speed seemed impossible if each of the 110 floors had to fail individually. There is a principle in physics called the Law of Conservation of Energy. This is how the principle works in the horizontal direction, and it works the same in the vertical direction – with the added constant force of gravity added to it. Yet another observation one makes in watching the collapsing towers is the huge dust clouds and debris, including steel beams, that were thrown hundreds of feet out horizontally from the towers as they fell.Partly it was bravery, to be sure, but partly it was concrete knowledge that skyscrapers do not collapse due to fire. Did the FEMA investigators not think to ask the New York City Fire Department how they thought the fire started, or how the fires could have caused the astounding, historical collapse?

Now, recall, we're supposed to believe that each floor of the building "pancaked" on the one below. Then I acquired and watched a DVD of the collapses, frame by frame.The World Trade Center (WTC) contained seven buildings.The Twin Towers were called buildings One (WTC1) and Two (WTC2).According to the 9-11 report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), "the specifics of the fires in WTC7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time." Aside from its startling nonchalance, this statement makes a rather profound assumption.Again, no building prior to 9-11, in the 100-plus year history of steel frame buildings, had ever collapsed from fire. Hence their unflinching rush up into the skyscrapers to put out the fire.

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