Who is esai morales dating dating church member

Two of these women have provided me with sworn declarations describing Esai Morales' conduct in detail.

They are both prepared to assist me in my lawsuit and to speak to the press to shed light on what a monster Esai Morales actually is.

Esai also gave me herpes, from which I will suffer pain and humiliation every day for the rest of my life.

When I learned I had herpes in September 2006, I confronted him, and he told me that he had known since long before we began dating that he had the disease.

The series was shot in Australia and is produced by Blue-Tongue Films and Jungle Entertainment, in association with FX Productions, Screen Australia and Create NSW.

Ryan, Edgerton and Jason Burrows are executive producers, and Michele Bennett is Producer.

Yet, I need to assure you personally that the charges that have been leveled against me are absolutely false and without merit and I am prepared to vigorously defend myself and my reputation. This is not the way I live my life and I am incapable of committing these kinds of acts.

I am proud of my humanity, my activism and my respect for fellow human beings.

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Throughout the rape, he screamed that I "wanted it" and he called me a whore.

After the rape, Esai Morales gave me gifts, and warned me that I should never speak out about the rape.

He said he did it because he was upset, and that deep down he loved me.

In March of 2006, I moved into his Los Angeles home, where we lived together as boyfriend and girlfriend for over one year.

The initial months of our relationship were the happiest times of my life. His physical abuse often caused bruising and bleeding.

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