Updating the constitution

As I wrote last year, constitutional amendments are so difficult to pass that they are often spurred only by war, crises or death.

I now can assure you that I am perfectly clear in the Remembrance that the Map we used in tracing the Boundary was brought to the Treaty by the Commissioners from England,” Franklin replied, asking Jefferson to speak with John Adams about the boundary.For example, one of the most-popular sayings attributed to Franklin is, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” This appears to be a combination of two Franklin proverbs. In “Advice To A Young Tradesman,” Franklin writes that, “Remember that time is money.” But Franklin was also authored quotes in public documents from his involvement with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention, and in a huge volume of personal correspondence.And one of his last great quotes came as Franklin knew his life was near its end.It's never happened before (although there have been groups trying to promote the idea.) As Chafetz points out, the rules are hazy on what could even be discussed at such a convention.What we do know is that it would require two-thirds of states to call a convention to even propose an amendment.

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