Twitter not updating on android

The latest Android 9.0 Update will be sent to these devices via OTA which stands for Over The Air which is the most popular method os sending updates to devices like Android P 9.0 Update.

The device is expected the get the Android 9.0 update in Q2 2019.

The Galaxy S8 Active will be getting the update around the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest Samsung flagship smartphone, and it will be one of the first Samsung devices to get the Android 9 update officially.

Once Google has released the latest Android P 9.0 Update, you can also check whether there is an Android 9.0 Update available for your device at that time.

To do so you simply have to go to your device’s settings and check for OTA of the latest Android P 9.0 Update, and if your device is officially Android 9.0 Supported you will see that an Update is available and you simply download and install the latest version of Android, that is Android P 9.0 on your device easily!

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