Totally ukranian dating sites

The first thing that striked us strange about Victoria was all the email messages that we received.

You would think that we would be ecstatic to get so many messages from Russian and Ukrainian women but we weren't, why?

Why the hell would anyone want to contact a profile who doesn't have one single picture on the page?

It doesn't make sense unless you understand that automated messages from computer bots are what's really happening.

The more messages you receive the more money it will cost you to reply to those messages.

The result of course is the corporation that runs Victoria will make even more money by sending you computer-generated messages and not real messages from real Russian women. Our dating profile is empty, no pictures in it and all of a sudden we start getting large amounts of messages.

These are not regular selfie photos taken with a camera phone, these are taken by a professional photographer.

Why would a professional photographer be taking photos that are then used on profile pages on Victoria Hearts?

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They call these fabricated profiles "Staff Profiles".(Most likely a phony "Staff Profile" created by the site.) (Most likely a phony "Staff Profile" created by the site.Why does every single girl have a professional photograph?Are these real women looking to meet Western men or is it all a scam?

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