Thevadiya punde

avala'loop' maattikka sollu, eno thaanonnu iruntharapporaa...sariyaa? ""sari ,aththe vachudaren "endru solli phone-i vaiththuvittu ,muham kazhuvi mani paarththaal ,..maalai 5.Veliye scooter saththam kettathu, (avarththaan vanthu vittaar.)..kuzhanthaiai kaiyil thookkikondu ,veliye sendru kathavaith thirakkavum,scooteril ,...buvana ,avarin pin pakkam ,ennudaiya sudithaar aninthu kondu...irandu pakkamum kaal pottu...thuppattaa aval kazhuththuppakkam meleri irukka ,avalin irandu muzhaam pazha mulaihal ,en kanavarin muthuhil azhuntha...kaihalai munnaal konduvanthu avarin nenjodu serthu thol pattaiai pidiththirukka...muthuhil kazhuththai saaiththu paduththirunthaal . naan avarin oru pakkaththilum,aval innoru pakkaththilum nerukki utkaarnthu kondu pesikkondirunthapothu...buvana than annanidam,"anna ennai mannichudunnaa" endraal."Nee ennamma thappu pannine?

Moondru perukkum moondru naalai ottuvathe periya paadaaha irunthathu...antha 13 aam thethi vanthathu...kaalai 6 manikke ezhunthu anaivarum kuliththuvittu , kovilukku kilambinom.உங்களை போன்ற மற்ற தமிழ் செக்ஸ் கதை விரும்பிகளிடம் இந்த தளத்திலும் Face Book கிலும் Chat Room வழியாக பேசி மகிழுங்கள் . 04by mythili©Netru,muthal thadavaiya irunthathinaale,payanthu payanthu thaan seithiruppanga..enna pandre...aduththa muhoorththa naalaa paarththu ,avangalai serththu vaikka erppaadu pannu..varaikkum avanga onnu seraama paaththukko...appuram neeyum un purusan kitte irunththu thalliye iru.""ennaththe ...ippadi solreenga?" endru ketka "ponga anni, ennennamo senchu ennai en annan kooda padukka vachuteenga ,athukku en vaazh naal poora naan ungalukku nandri sonnaakkooda pothaathu "endraal buvana."Nandri ellaam onnum venaam...vaazh naal poora naano,allathu en annano aasaippadurappo..rendu peraium serthu vacheenave pothum" endru solli,...Vaangi vantha mallihaipoovai eduththu vanthu en kanavarin kaiyil kodukka,athai ennai thirumbach solli en thalaiyil soodivittu,sirithu neram kazhiththu...

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