The joy of text mating dating and techno relating

Heaps of gratitude to my agent Elisabeth Weed for making this project happen, and to Scott Mebus for his endless support, as well as Alia Malley for her tireless eyes and sardonic dating tales.

G75 007 306.730285-dc22 2006019073 To my dad, with xox Special thanks to my talented editor Emily Westlake and everyone at Simon Spotlight Entertainment for their faith, enthusiasm, and hard work.

A virus-free computer and healthy sex drive are simply a means to developing these relationships.

As you know, we live in a world of instant-gratification.

And how can you gauge his feelings without seeing his body language or even hearing his voice? In The Joy of Text, real-life cyber-Cyrano Kristina Grish establishes hard and fast rules to help modern women navigate their love lives via technology; offers invaluable tips on how to analyze text, timing, and tone; and provides advice on etiquette in an age when the handwritten thank-you note is all but obsolete. But herein lies the obvious glitch: We’ve anxiously done so without a gatekeeper … By the time this book lands on your nightstand, infinitely more gadgets will have reared their wireless heads—along with oodles of phone numbers, emails, and IM addresses they’ve helped reap and store. Tech inundation is enough to confuse tickle anyone’s libido, since there’s something undeniably wild about flirting in a limitless world that lacks rules, boundaries, or watchdogs. And when it specifically comes to dating, we’ve never been told how to properly communicate text, timing, or tone in any new medium.

NOTE TO READERS: Some of the names and identifying details of people mentioned in this book have been changed, and some of those mentioned are composite characters. But with such mystery comes an unwieldy free-for-all in the techno-relating department. Part of the problem is that once a girl thinks she’s perfected the art of intimately connecting via tech, some well-intentioned Brainiac invents cooler, faster, sleeker ways to challenge her MO.

Simonand Copyright © 2006 by Kristina Grish All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-1897-4 ISBN-10: 1-4169-1897-3 e ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-4743-1 1. Short of an online shopping spree to Agent Provocateur, I can’t think of a more powerful way to penetrate a man’s multiple channels than to massage his contraptions.

And as life zooms by, a single girl’s revolving-door relationships become the norm—which makes the whole deal more complicated than we’d like. Our own schedules make it tricky for us to effectively reach a soul mate’s heart.

We don’t have time to spell it all out, and if we do make the effort, our audience had better be captive and worth it.

They can—but be careful not to allow professional and personal habits to overlap in weird ways.

Just because you’re a genius with one audience doesn’t mean you’re a pro with another. The secret is to match online and off-line communication within context. When I worked for a high-profile Internet company, my peers and I were squished into a limited loft space.

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