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"Back in the day" Charles was the President of the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado and during the course of his involvement with the Futuro House he accumulated and stored many papers, documents, letters, plans, drawings and other items associated with the Futuro House and the Futuro Corporation Of Colorado.

Charles Cleworth's family has passed this important contribution to Futuro history to The Futuro to be preserved and catalogued.

Over time the hope is that other collections can be located and added here to add to the Futuro "knowledge collective" and also to ensure they are preserved.

The June/August 2012 Issue of Voima, a free monthly tabloid newspaper published in Finland, contains a small article with a single photograph on Futuro #001 located at the Wee Gee Exhibition Center in Espoo, Finland.

Tutustu kumista, kiehtovasta lukemattomien mahdollisuuksien High Tech-materiaalista, valmistettuihin ratkaisuihimme ja tulet ihastumaan.

Kela's operations are divided between six business units: Customer Relations, Benefit Services, Centre for ICT Services, Shared Services, Management Support Unit and Communications Unit.

Given that I will likely never have the resources to buy, transport and restore a Futuro this collection is, at least for me, the next best thing.

Go To | Memorabilia & Collectibles *** | Books | Magazines | Newspapers *** *** The late Charles Cleworth was a long time entrepreneur and a significant investor in the Futuro House in the US.

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