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Both share the same name and both are feed by the Moyie River but they are separated by some distance. You have to travel up a gravel logging road for seven kilometres, then walk down a steep side road to the valley below, cross the river, avoid the placer mine workings, climb a ladder, scoot along a ledge, all before arriving at your destination. What was just described takes you to the left side of her falls which is the most scenic angle.

Our Moyie Falls are the lesser known of the two, understandable given its more remote location. You can also make it to the right of them, although this requires scrambling over some rocks and travelling through a short mine access tunnel that pierces a rock rib that stands in the way, prior to arriving at a wet and slippery ledge almost underneath the falls.

“We actually have a record low of both grizzly and black bear reports for the province.

So it’s actually hard to pinpoint the reasons behind this trend, but we hope that increased attractant management and education is one of them.” In Cranbrook there’s been 12 grizzly sightings and 11 black bear encounters.

The immediate area is a well know gold producer and is pockmarked with old mine workings and both tunnels and evidence of placer activity can be found.

With the high price of gold it’s no surprise that the area is being worked in 2012.

In Kimberley 7 grizzly run-ins have been reported and 44 sightings of black bears.

Rousey says more deer sightings can be expected in our region.

If you look closely at the right side of the falls, one can see another adit.These photos, dating from waaaay back in 1990, show a very interesting place, the Moyie River Falls.It’s a fascinating spot, not just because it’s scenic, but also because of the history.Walking up the Moyie River in times of low water is possible, for a way at least, however near the falls there is a deep plunge pool and steep rock walls make this approach impossible.If you take the left route, near the falls one can see an old mine tunnel (adit) directly ahead.

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