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I know you can use your fb log in now to log in to loads of sites so i can well believe this is possible but why don't you just try it for yourself and see? x i think on the sex texts he is guilty but im nt sure bout the dating site he knows i check his emails and he checks mine so surely he wouldnt be so stupid?

What was the name of the website, see if the pop-up comes up on your fb page? I would say if it's through FB, then it may be possible to accidently sign up to a dating page through there - my only reason to query this would be if you logged into a completely separate site..FB apps (dating and otherwise) as far as I'm aware are linked through FB, and you would access them via FB. men are v vulnerable and my hubby has put himself in some v guilty places ,the grass is always greener and to him he says he was only looking?

As someone who has used a dating site in the past, I'm afraid the answer is no - they can't sign you up just like that.

You have to activate your account by confirming it through a special email they send you and you also have to create a profile - that is give all your details, age, height, area, etc. I'm so sorry to say that but I wanted to be honest with you.

Yes you can, through facebook, I've done exactly the same!

clicked a link with eff all to do about dating, next thing i know i'm getting registration details from a dating site.

i cant get into it to delete it and it was from clicking one of those silly things on facebook that you know you shouldnt but you just cant help yourself.

i get random emails from time to time but i just delete them Yes you can, through facebook, I've done exactly the same! I don't even remember seeing the pop up I must have been trigger happy.

Hookups, casual sex, friends with benefits, serious dating, long term relationships - Xpress can help you find exactly what you're looking for.You haven't said which agency it is but I know I have had emails from Zoosk. But I am wondering why you both feel the need to access each others emails?Me and OH do it, but it's not really spying cos we share a computer and are on it together most of the time, got nothing top hide and there's nothing in there that i wouldn't want him seeing.I confronted him about it and he said he had been getting a few emails from them but just thought it was junk mail and that it might be something to do with facebook.I was still suspicious and started searching for other people that I knew had facebook accounts to see if what he was saying was true and found out that quite a few of them had thier details on the webiste including my sister (who has been happily married for 16 years) and my 20 yo dd who would never dream of joining a dating agency. it would depend on what site it is i know im signed up for some dating thing i have never heard of because of facebook.

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