Roshon fegan dating history

In the end Cameron finally knows his not psychic after he predicts the end of the world and it does not happen.Guest stars: Mindy Sterling as Susan Skidmore, Elise Neal as Roxanne, Allie De Berry as Paisley, Aedin Mincks as Angus Absent: Stefanie Scott as Lexi Reed Cameron accidentally uploads a video of Chyna singing.To her luck, Hippo, a music producer, sees it and wants to make a music video, but Chyna refuses after he tries to change her image.Meanwhile, Fletcher, Paisley, Olive, and Angus compete in home economics.As she is campaigning, Angus tells her that to run for A. They both tell everyone to vote for the other candidate. Guest stars: Finesse Mitchell as Darryl, Allie De Berry as Paisley, Aedin Mincks as Angus Gibson is depressed about his grandma moving out, so Chyna and Fletcher try to cheer him up.During the election, Olive is winning by a short gap. When he keeps following him, ruining Fletcher's chances of getting closer to Chyna, they try to find Gibson a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron find Principal Skidmore's phone and keep it in order to receive the reward. Meanwhile, Fletcher befriends Chyna's dad to see if he has a possibility with Chyna, but Cameron gets jealous.

Program (Advanced Natural Talent) at Webster High because she is a musical prodigy.

Meanwhile, Cameron creates his own club called "The End Hunger Today Club" as an excuse to eat hot wings all for himself, but when Fletcher catches him in the act and threatens to tell Principal Skidmore about his fake club, Cameron is forced to let Fletcher join.

Zimbaldi, Elise Neal as Roxanne, Aedin Mincks as Angus, Connor Weil as Legan Chyna and Olive make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities and try out for the cheerleading squad, run by Lexi and Paisley.

When Chyna's father catches them at the party, after spotting their melted wax figures, he almost pulls Chyna out of the A. Guest stars: Finesse Mitchell as Darryl, Allie De Berry as Paisley, Zach Steel as Gibson, Mark Teich as Mr.

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