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I had the most fun in San Francisco and New York City, where I could do naked dildo shows. But Life does get complex at times and there wasn’t a lot to talk about.The least amount of fun was certainly Richmond, VA, which had the most restrictive rules I came across in all of my dancing days, which really put a crimp in my style. If any of you are in non-monogamous marriages you’ll know that sometimes one’s social calendar is booked to the gills and sometimes it seems as if we’ll never have a threesome again.After five years of doing only movies I started my second career as a feature dancer. From New York City to dinky places deep in the woods, I got to be the Naked Lady on Stage.I love dancing and very much enjoyed meeting my fans in person and taking pictures.My friend, Keisha (some of you may remember her, though she’s been retired for about ten years, now), once said, “Don’t explain.” However, its been so. An old partner of Ernest’s, “F.,”has come back into his/our lives and she has a lovely partner she wants to share with us. Ernest is very hot for LG and I always like to facilitate a good time for others. I’m “dominissive,” in these situations: dominant over our guest (s) while remaining submissive to Ernest. and Ernest go back over twenty years and are very close.She is a Lovely Girlie (“LG”): super feminine, kinky, smart, talented (she can sing beautifully), dirty-minded and very eager to experience the 3-on-1 that F. I’ll have my strapon and will be third in the hierarchy . After me, she’s the partner he liked the most and I’m happy she’s back in his life. We’ll set up the night before and I’ll get everything ready for dinner afterwards. Playtime 2 But tweek has another fun time for Ernest: a playdate with 2 submissives, one of whom is a stranger to him and neither of whom are me.I’ve been arrested four times, all from strip clubs. Forty titles in a series is pretty great if you ask me. We went through one of those semi-droughts, so I had no thrilling social engagements to share.

It’s hard to believe, but the 35th anniversary of my first porn movie is only six months away. It astounds me, as I remember every moment and it seems only a moment ago I stepped on to the set of “Educating Nina,” my debut.I like that the history is never really spelled out, leaving the audience to fill in the gaps themselves.I liked that the director and producer really cared about the story and the production values. The interesting thing was I played Mother Superior. As most of you likely know by now, my late mother was a Buddhist Mother Superior (the Abbess) for seven years.The bonus is that Sable will be back on Saturday for some solo time with him. That means the next time Ernest and I are alone will be off. She is super smart, warm, sexy, engaging, and we had a great scene.Lots of drama and long-hidden shared history between our characters.

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