Melyssa ford dating

Then she also was in a brief relationship with songwriter Bryan Michael Cox, actor Tyrese Gibson and Football player Kerry Rhodes in 2007.

She later was also spotted with another musician Andre Benjamin in 2008.

She was first seen in the Glen Lewis music video ‘The Thing to Do’ in 1997.

She appeared in multiple other music videos with artists like Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Usher, Ludacris e.t.c.

She also shared yet another heart-felt thank you to supporters on Instagram.

In that detailed message, Ford revealed that she struggles to remember details of the crash and because of her injuries, she may never fully recall the tragic event.

Others might also remember her as an actress in movies like 2000 ‘Turn it up’ and ‘Think like a Man’ and its sequel, ‘Think like a Man Too’.

Melyssa Ford began her modeling career in 1990’s after she was discovered by the Canadian Music Director, Little X also known as Director X saw her working as a bartender at a Toronto club.

Melyssa Ford was a really hot hip hop model and a famous actress at the time, so there must be a long list of men in her dating life.

The model and entrepreneur took to Twitter this weekend to give supporters an update following the horrific crash involving her Jeep and a tractor-trailer in early July.

The accident left her with a fractured skull, a concussion, bleeding on the brain and a 10-inch open wound.

Our second millionaire is another D-list celeb (I told you this season was fancy). Larry, meanwhile, is so romantically inept, he doesn’t even get to pick his own master date partner.

It’s Larry Birkhead, whose name you may recall from the paternity battle over Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn. Before Melyssa can meet her potential matches, Patti makes her talk with Dr. While Patti interviews potential ladies for is blind date, Larry has to do pick-up practice with Candace. Once Larry figures out how not to be an awkward creep, it’s time for his blind date with Michelle, a mom of two who casually competes in jiu jitsu (same).

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