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As of 2008, the government does not have any plans to upgrade Batu Pahat to a city status (Majlis Bandaraya).

The most populated mukim is Simpang Kanan with more than 311,862 people and the least populated is Bagan with a population of only 4,692.

In 1893/1894, the present township was founded by Dato' Bentara Luar, Mohamed Salleh bin Perang, acting on the orders of the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Abu Bakar.

Batu Pahat was the location of the headquarters for the 1Bn Fiji Infantry Regiment, serving as part of the Commonwealth forces during the Malayan Emergency, from 1952 to 1956.

A unique Chinese temple located at Bukit Pasir is the Jian Nan Temple.

There is also a famous temple located at downtown is the Tian Hou Gong Ma Zor Temple.

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It lies southeast of Muar, southwest of Kluang, northwest of Pontian, south of Segamat and Tangkak District. Johor Baru is located about 70 km to 100 km (43 miles to 62 miles) to the southeast of the town.The district office of Batu Pahat has five district engineers to oversee all the sub-districts infrastructure.Growth in small and medium industries such as textiles, garments and electronics helped to boost development, and Batu Pahat was upgraded to town status (Majlis Perbandaran) in 2001, alongside Muar, Kluang and Skudai.The villages are represented by Ketua-Ketua Kampung (village heads), answering to the Penghulu (sub-district chief) administering the sub-district.The sub-district itself however is under the jurisdiction of the Pegawai Daerah (District Officer).

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