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You might get the right message across by accident but half the time you’re sending out more nonsensical word salad than a Freshman English major who just discovered Allan Ginsberg.If, on the other hand, you’re aware of just what messages you’re sending, then you’re able to control and direct the conversation… There are surprisingly simple body language tricks that can make the difference between being forgettable and having a magnetic connection.Anticipating that baseline of friendliness and acceptance is what helps set up this next trick…

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If she gestures with her hands when she talks, make similar gestures when talk.We naturally behave differently around people we’re comfortable with.We aren’t as tense, our body language is more open, our way of speaking is warmer and friendlier…and then slowly adopting calmer and more open body language, you can prompt people to relax and calm down.Similarly, you can build excitement by adopting more excited behavior – a higher voice pitch, bouncier body language, etc.

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