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Charles Saatchi is known for his tantrums but God only knows what he will have to say about the Hackney Empire's upcoming production of Jack and the Beanstalk. Byline: SARAH MARKS BID fever brightened up an otherwise dull Friday with the FTSE 100 treading water after a week of spectacular gains.Investors piled into GCap Media after reports that the Capital Radio owner faces a potential [pounds sterling]660...Byline: PAUL CHESTON A FATHER was found guilty today along with his two sons of killing a university student who had made his daughter pregnant "to vindicate the family's honour".Bangladeshi waiter Chomir Ali ordered his sons Mohammed Mujibar...Byline: TARA FISCHER Tawny-skinned and long-limbed, Jessica and Zara Simon are clearly cut from the same cloth.

The actor lost his customary cool after an attempt to dodge the paparazzi by using the back exit... Who could you bear to see most of on your TV screens for the next four years? Byline: STEVE STAMMERS DENNIS BERGKAMP today revealed how he has used experience to help Robin van Persie come of age as an Arsenal player.CLEVER DIXON; How Did an Art School Dropout with No Training Become Our Most Brilliant Furniture Designer? Helen Kirwan-Taylor Meets Tom Dixon in His Natural Habitat Byline: HELEN KIRWAN-TAYLOR If the designer Tom Dixon were to be reincarnated as a pop star, he would return as Bob Geldof or maybe Bono.The attitude, the tousled hair and clothes, the gold teeth, the rebel stance, rebel mind and rebel speak would...The cottage puts him within reach of a support network which, in a political...Byline: NICHOLAS DE JONGH Bronte Lyric Hammersmith PLAYWRIGHT Polly Teale has hit upon the provocative notion of speculating how three celibate Victorian ladies came to write novels suffused with passion and sexual desire. Byline: SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE Nigella in panto - oh no she isn't!

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