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Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Jon Da Silva and I DJed, and the night exploded. Within a couple of days the replica version had been taken down, demolished like the original building, but the film-makers had got some great footage and we’d had a ball.‘Twenty Four Hour Party People’ is concerned with much more than the Hacienda, though; it follows the fortunes of Factory label.Spurred on by punk, Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus put on gigs, hosting ‘Factory’ nights at the Russell Club in Hulme in June 1978, which led to the formation of Factory Records later in the same year.Rob Gretton instigated a joint venture between New Order and Factory Records, looking for a site for a club of their own.

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You’d have to collect all those individual memories to make the complete picture, like getting back those auctioned bricks from their thousand different homes.He lobbied for the DJ box to be moved from the bunker and a wooden structure on the balcony was eventually built, overlooking the dancefloor.Ben Kelly claimed his design was being compromised, but it was the perfect move, pre-empting the shift to club nights and the rise of the superstar DJs.But in those early years the club would often be empty.I’d sometimes be there, a paying customer, possibly the only one.

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