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I unwrapped it and plonked her in it at around 3am on a particularly hellish night. Slept every nap and night in it til she was three months old. It cozily cuddles the baby, (it felt weird with her all alone and so tiny on an expansive, flat bassinet anyway…

A bassinet I’d bought cos I felt like I needed one on wheels.

(Sorry mate, but you were.) Because I had banged on about loving my Baby Jogger City Mini GT so much with Sonny, when Baby Jogger found out I was pregnant they very kindly sent us their new City Select LUX for Sonny and Rudy.

So that kind of made the decision for me, because if someone is willing to send you a really good new pram, you bloody well use it.

It is a true double pram, but it can be anything (it has about 400 different combinations I like it because instead of a ride-on/toddler board for me to constantly smash my ankle on, it has a little seat with seatbelt that Sonny sits on, right under the handle, and we have a chat.

And then Rudy is in her bassinet/capsule/seat behind him. I gave Sonny’s old Baby Jogger City Mini GT to my sister in law, but I missed it a .

I absolutely did not) it’s on an incline, and it’s wonderful.

I used a Bugaboo Cameleon3 for Sonny, but we needed some form of double pram when Rudy came cos Sonny had just turned three, AKA that weird in-between stage where he didn’t need a pram, but can’t walk that far, and was a bit shit on the scooter.I think I started on it when she was two weeks old, for 2-3 weeks.It’s not meant to be used for long, so I moved back to my faithful Infant’s Friend (also good for general calming) and/or Infacol.Whenever I would get a plugged duct, or mastitis would threaten, (or blatantly storm in) I immediately took Nurofen, and would either jump in the shower and hold a hot face washer on the boob in trouble, or use this electric heatpad (which I loved more than even my darling husband during labour) for 10-15 minutes before feeds, then use an icepack on the book for 5 minutes after the feed.I would also gently massage the lump towards the nipple as I fed, or feed her on all fours.

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