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Women and girls were recruited from poor rural Indian families and paid directly by the military.The red-light districts of cities such as Mumbai developed at this time.

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The epics give us a colourful description of her intimate connection with royal splendour.

The primary law dealing with the status of sex workers is the 1956 law referred to as The Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act (SITA).

According to this law, prostitutes can practise their trade privately but cannot legally solicit customers in public.

Women competed to win the title of a Nagarvadhu, and it was not considered a taboo The first reference to dancing girls in temples is found in Kalidasa's "Meghadhoot", that the dancing girls were present at the time of worship in the Mahakal Temple of Ujjain.

Regarding the Devadasi concept, some scholars are of the opinion that the custom of dedicating girls to temples probably became quite common in the 6th century CE, as most of the Puranas containing reference to it were written during this period.

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