Enterprise vault stops updating cache

Cognitive Services - Availability of SDKs for the latest Bing Search APIs - Currently available as REST APIs, the Bing APIs v7 now have SDKs in four languages: C#, Java, Node.js, and Python.These SDKs include offerings such as Bing Web Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Custom Search, Bing News Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Entity Search, and Bing Spell Check. AI: Code-free automated machine learning for image classification - Custom Vision Service is designed to build quality classifiers with very small training datasets, helping you build a classifier that is robust to differences in the items you are trying to recognize and that ignores the things you are not interested in.Announcing integration of Azure Backup into VM create experience - You now have the ability to protect the VMs with an enterprise-grade backup solution from the moment of VM creation.Azure Backup supports backup of wide variety of VMs offered by Azure including Windows or Linux, VMs on managed or unmanaged disks, premium or standard storage, encrypted or non-encrypted VMs, or a combination of the above.

In addition, new backup and update capabilities make it easier to manage and help protect your virtual machines.

There's also a new, intuitive and simplified onboarding experience for Azure Site Recovery service for VMware to Azure.

Zone Redundant Virtual Machine Scale Sets now available in public preview - Zone Redundant Virtual Machine Scale Sets bring the scalability and ease of use of scale sets to availability zones by automatically spreading your virtual machines across availability zones.

Then the autodiscover application picks up the change and publish it, along with the url’s for OAB, EWS & Availability.

This basically “force” the automatic propagation of settings into the profile, including the checkbox for “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and filling the information for the HTTP proxy and authentication methods.

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