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I ran to the bathroom to take a shower I took off my panties and I rush to wash them so my mom won’t notice anything strange.Then I turn on the shower faucet and jump into the shower I remember that hot water running down my body, I took the soap and start to rub it on my chest and belly; at that moment I started to feel horny again. My mom knocks the door: Honey, it’s getting late hurry up girl!Then mom open her legs a little bit and lift dog dick hips up and that does the trick he enters her with a big hump.My mom cries in pain for a moment and said: “Easy boy, easy.I saw true the mirror the end point of the dildo inside my mom’s pussy, and the huge dock dick entering in and out her butthole. OH YES, FUCK ME DOG, GOD I LOVE DOG COCK AND SPERM AND KNOT!My mom starts to moan in pleasure the love juices are running down from her asshole true her pussy and dripping on the floor. With that scream the knot goes all the way in she grabs the bed sheets and starts to bite them furiously, again her face turns red and the vein in her fore head began to pop up. Dog’s stopped humping and I saw my mom grabbing both dog’s legs, she stand still for about 20 min.Those words hit me hard “Zeus” is trained for what? She blows my mind, those words turning inside my brain.

She drops the dildo and starts to moan louder while she grabs “Zeus” head and then BUMMM!!I never saw my mom naked, for her age (38 years), has a beautiful athletic body (that’s because she spend most of her free time in the gym), she’s a brunette, 5 foot 8 inches tall, her hair touches her shoulders.I saw her reflection on the closet mirror like doors, I envy her breast a double D size bubs she has a perfectly tan body, has a big round pair of cheeks and a bald, bulky pink pussy that looks just like mine. As soon as she drop her bathrobe dog plunge his nose between my mom legs, “Heyy, boy!I want to be a porn star (Animal Sex) for a day, a little souvenir to remember that special day in my life. I look everywhere so the neighbors can’t see me going home. At that moment a heard a loud bark coming from the bathroom.I go to the backyard door looking for dog and I can’t find him. Then I walk up the stairs grab my father’s baseball bat and carefully walk down the hallway and I saw that my parent’s bedroom door partially open I take a brief look inside, when I heard my mom in my parent’s bath room talking with someone. For a moment I was in shock, she was talking to dog’s.

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