Dating coaching london

By getting to the root of someone’s dating obstacles, Michael’s coaching team fosters long-lasting self-improvement that transforms every aspect of a person’s life.

Through his work as a London dating coach, Michael Valmont has witnessed many transformative journeys and seen his clients go from lonely singles to self-assured daters.

Michael believes in facilitating self-improvement as a way of prompting dating success.

“It helps people learn and keep pushing themselves,” he said.

The Short Version: Few motivational leaders make a career out of galvanizing the inner strengths of singles and changing their lives.

But Michael Valmont has become a notable dating authority in London because he gets results.

This experience can be stressful and challenging, but the coaching team’s support encourages clients to move forward, take action, and not let fear paralyze them.

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During the week-long curriculum, singles work with the team for 10 to 12 hours in a day and benefit from extensive trainings.

One of his proudest moments as a coach, he told us, came from his consultations with a 22-year-old single with Crohn’s disease.

The single was nervous during their initial meeting, and his hands shook as he described his fears about dating.

“That, for me, is the real reward of coaching — to see that transformation,” Michael said.

“Learning about dating was liberating for him because he didn’t think it was possible to improve so much.” As someone who used to be a shy guy, Michael empathizes with uncertain clients like the 22-year-old single looking for love.

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