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You need to see it like Michelangelo saw an unfinished sculpture: Dating is your giant chunk of marble, and to get down to the soulmate within, you have to hack away and hack away until all the dates who aren’t your masterpiece are gone.

For better or worse, dating is a numbers game, and a certain percentage of attempts are bound to fail.

Were you reaching out to someone who listed requirements that you did not fit? Pick yourself back up and keep moving along because you never know who you will meet. A friend of mine was making plans to meet with an online match when he suddenly went MIA. Sometimes people drop off and pop back up again at a future time, and then you can be the one to do the rejecting.

A couple of days later, she saw his picture on Facebook under “people you may know.” She looked at his profile to discover he had a very current girlfriend. Don’t take the dating world too seriously, especially when it’s online and you just met someone new.

I have also been the victim, the one left rejected, confused and staring at my screen wondering what happened.

Maybe you have a tough time even getting people to initiate communication with you! Those are two terms that are pretty much synonymous.I have been the culprit in rejecting many online dates.And haven’t you had some successes in your personal life that far outweigh any temporary setbacks you’re feeling in your love life?When love seems to be slamming the door in your face, it’s important to remember the windows you’ve opened for yourself.

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