Dating a fender precision bass

He sold electrical gear, records, musical instruments, PA systems, and sheet music, as well as offering a repair service.

In February of 1946, Leo set up Fender Manufacturing, and at the end of 1947 he renamed it the Fender Electric Instrument Co.

Fender’s idea for a bass guitar was almost unprecedented – not to say downright shocking. It began long ago, probably when people first started to sing together and noticed that some of them had lower voices, which made a good foundation to underpin and strengthen their music.

There’s something unique about providing the bass, about adding a bass line to the music.

Not vengeful power, just that you can actually control it”.

Picture the upright bass player in America [in the late ’40s].

Against this background, the Fender Electric Instrument Co introduced a solidbody electric bass guitar toward the end of 1951.

It’s a shivers-up-the-spine moment when you get it right. A bass line can completely shift the mood and intention of a piece, altering the framework and taking the music somewhere else.

It’s what Paul Mc Cartney tells us is “the power the bass player has within the band.

The new Fender Precision Bass had four strings on a long neck and was tuned like an upright bass in fourths to E-A-D-G, an octave below the lower four strings of a guitar.

Those who saw this new instrument gazed at a peculiar, unfamiliar thing.

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