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Scheduler tasks can be run by the second or minute, or on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Additional features include email notifications on task failure, FTP browsing, ZIP file viewer, extensive logging, remote task control and more.

It can also terminate them or obtain their exit codes for use in other Automize tasks.* Chain Task Integrator includes Commands, database sql, check email, Ftp, Web downloads, send email, url spider downloads and monitors, telnet, ping, copy, print files etc..

Run multiple programs, commands, ftp, email, web downloads etc..

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These can be created with a special library builder.

In addition, the chaining feature can run tasks in sequence or conditionally depending on exit codes.

Automize is a software that allows you to schedule tasks and automate them.

Downloads any web page that has been modified.* Check email and download email with attachments.

Only messages meeting user set subject, date or sender conditions are downloaded.* Schedule email messages with attachments to multiple recipients.* Database SQL. Monitor a database table for changes* Telnet can be automated. The Advanced Telnet task can wait for your commands to finish (by detecting the telnet prompt) before sending the next telnet command.* Ping a server to check if it is up.

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