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1932 Wegmans introduces two Rochester firsts: refrigerated display windows and vaporized water sprays to keep produce fresh.1934 Wegmans runs a catering service and cooking school out of its East Main Street store.(Closes in December 1983.) Wegmans announces an employee profit-sharing plan.A 15,000 square foot store opens in Eastway Plaza with the "atmosphere of a chic metro department store." Features include special lighting techniques, a picture window through which customers can watch automatic meat packaging, cash registers that automatically calculate change, "electric eye" conveyor belts to reduce checkout time, magic-eye doors, and air conditioning.html, body a:link a:hover /*a:visited */ a:active a.white Link:link a.white Link:hover /*a.white Link:visited */ a.white Link:active p a a .header-container .btn-color, .btn-color * a.btn-color:link, a.btn-color:visited .social-follow-url .follow-button .Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain with 98 stores: 46 in New York, 17 in Pennsylvania, 9 in New Jersey, 11 in Virginia, 8 in Maryland, and 6 in Massachusetts.

1931 Wegmans stores are incorporated, and feature meats, produce, groceries, dairy products, and baked goods.

The store has circular checkout counters (registers are at both ends of the store: three in front, two in back).

Produce in processed in the basement and sent up to the selling floor by elevator.

In 1916, John opens the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company, which marks the beginning of Wegmans Food Markets. 1921 John and Walter Wegman purchase the Seel Grocery Co.

and expand operations to include general groceries and bakery operations.

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